Sponsor A Church (Annual)

$500.00 / year



We are world’s first and only church growth platform, built to help your church grow.

1) #1 Search Term – Type the word “church” in Google and you will see that “Churches Near Me” is often the very first suggestion! Churchesnear.com is the only Church Growth Platform that will setup your church to be seen on Google like this:


  • You will get a dedicated church page and social share buttons built for your church on our Church Growth Platform.
  • Your dedicated church page will contain “Churches Near Me” in the URL for optimized SEO. E.g. churchesnear.com/me/your-church-name
  • Our Church Growth Platform helps people find your church by name, zip code, city, state, and more, 24/7/365.

2) Grow Your Church – Gaining a new member is simple: Position your church in front of people at the exact moment they are looking for a church to join. This is exactly what we do for you. We give you a competitive advantage on a modern platform for people to find your church.

3) Social Sharing – Just one social share could lead to several other people in the community attending your church. That’s why we create and integrate social share buttons on your church page at no extra cost. One social share could be all it takes to make your church grow!


We believe that helping the churches who serve their communities is the best way to impact as many lives as possible. We believe the success of your church is our success. We believe John 3:16.

We Support Growth:

Churches Near is designed to help churches grow by helping people find the church nearest them. Our Church Growth Platform is designed solely for churches that spread the love of God; churches just like yours. The results we deliver directly benefit your church, your church missions, and the communities you serve. By providing your church with a secure, relevant, and modern platform for growth, we help your church thrive 24/7/365.*

*Sponsoring a church through churchesnear.com is not a donation to your church. If you would like a donation receipt, we suggest that you give your offering directly to the church and advise that the offering is to help grow the church with a listing on churchesnear.com*